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Terrestrial & Ditchbank Weed Control

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Often, the only practical way to eliminate or suppress weed growth on ditch or canal banks, is through application of herbicides. To control most weeds for a LIMITED TIME, a "one-time" application may be all that is required. However, to prevent future weed growth, a long term program of periodic applications will be needed.

Bare-ground weed control is recommended where total elimination of terrestrial vegetation is desirable. This method is most often used in such areas as storage yards, right-of-way, along fences and railroads where cutting or physical removal is impractical and expensive.

Terrestrial & Ditchbank Weed Control
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Whatever your individual needs, our staff of highly qualified biologists trained in the use of specialized equipment, materials and application procedures, will design and implement an effective weed management program. We guarantee an improvement in access, drainage and overall appearance. For a free consultation and cost estimate, call The Lake Doctors toll free, 1-800-666-LAKE

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