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Water Calrification

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You can expect the water in a newly dug lake or pond to be quite murky rather than clear. This muddy or silty condition is the result of suspended particles in the water. If left untreated it may take from a few days in sandy areas or up to several months in the case of clay substrates to clear. The Lake Doctors can achieve the same results within 24 hours.

First we lab test your water with a variety of flocculants, including aluminum sulphate (alum), to determine the concentration necessary to clear your lake or pond. Then we apply the appropriate material evenly to the surface of the water and mix it by use of special pump equipment and injectors mounted on spray boats. The resulting clarity, usually between 2' to 3' in depth, will be apparent the very next day.

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If your lake doesn't require a major clarification treatment, the addition of our economical Blue Pond Dye may improve water color. The resultant light blue tint can even benefit lakes after clarification. For a free lab test, consultation, report and estimate, call The Lake Doctors toll free, 1-800-666-LAKE

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