Promotion- Free Month of Service

Look to The Lake Doctors, Inc. for exclusive promotions on our aquatic management services. When you purchase our aquatic services, we will supply your third month of service for free. Please click on “FREE AQUATIC SURVEY” and enter the code “FMS2011″ when filling out the Free Aquatic Survey form. We will provide pond or lake treatment services free for the third month, provided that your account is paid to date and in good standing. Note that this free month of service must be requested by the customer, either when filling out the free aquatic survey form, in writing, or via email before execution of the new water management program. This offer applies only to new water management customers who sign a twelve-month agreement with Lake Doctors.

Whether you are interested in our mosquito pond treatment or our aquatic weed control, we will provide superior custom solutions for all your aquatic needs. If you are interested in learning more about our promotions or services, contact us today at 1 (800) 666-5253.