Get a free water test with every free aquatic survey. Enter the code “FWT2011” when entering the description of your waterway on the Free Aquatic Survey form.

Free Fountain Cleaning!

One free quarterly fountain cleaning and inspection is provided with every fountain or decorative aerator sold and installed by The Lake Doctors, Inc. It must be requested within six months or less after the initial installation of the Lake Doctors-provided equipment.

Free Month of Service!

Lake Doctors will supply your third month of service for free. Please click on Free Aquatic Survey and enter the code “FMS2011” when filling out the Free Aquatic Survey form. The Lake Doctors, Inc. will treat your lake or pond FREE for the third month, provided that your account is paid to date and in good standing. Note that this free month of service must be requested by the customer, either when filling out the free aquatic survey form, in writing, or via email prior to execution of the new water management program. This offer applies only to new Lake Doctors water management customers who sign a 12-month agreement.

Free Rod & Reel Travel Kit (Current Customers only!)

The Lake Doctors is offering one FREE rod and reel travel kit (or cash equivalent) to any current customer who refers a new customer to us when they start a service plan with us OR who purchases a fountain or aeration system. There is a limit of 10 customers you may refer to us, and we must be notified when you refer a customer to us prior to that customer signing a purchase agreement with us.

Contact our staff to learn more about our water management program. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.