Meet Our Team

A few of our team members from our Jacksonville office.

Of all the great attributes that The Lake Doctors, Inc. has, its absolute best is the professional and experienced staff we have assembled through the years. As many people know, when you are talking about a service business, its success and the satisfaction of its clients are all about the depth of experience, knowledge of the staff, and the training they have all received. The Lake Doctors, Inc. has all that and more. In fact, our staff likely has more years of experience than all of our competitors combined. As one of the best attributes we can offer to you, the customer, our experience translates into great service and the best possible care for your lake or pond.

Just check out these statistics: our CEO has 45 years of experience, our 12 Field Managers at each location have been with Lake Doctors for an average of more than 11 years, our 12 Regional Managers/Lake Consultants have been with us for an average of 19 years, and our top six Administrative Staff members have been with us for an average of 22 years! Not only that, but The Lake Doctors, Inc. has 85 field staff that are certified in Aquatics, with many having multiple additional certifications such as Natural Areas, Public Health, Right-of-Way, and Certified Pond Management. Our stability and credentials speak volumes about what we can do for you now and well into the future. We will be there for you, no matter what your needs.

Our admin staff at the corporate office supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With a staff of more than 130 professionals located in 12 offices, The Lake Doctors, Inc. is in a strong position to help with a multitude of your water and lake management needs. We’ve seen it all and have the years of experience and depth of knowledge to provide the outcome and results your lake needs and deserves, whether it’s a small private pond or a large natural lake. Our staff has the experience to take on more than just lake or pond management, so check out all of the things we can do and you’ll be amazed.

Contact our staff to learn more about our pond management services. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.