Pond Fountains & Aeration Systems

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In our environmentally conscious times, today's aquatic managers are making aeration one of the foundations of their water management programs. A healthy lake or pond attracts visitors, wildlife, and provides a healthy environment for fish. Without oxygen, even a well-maintained lake can suffer from severe algae, odors, mosquito problems, and poor appearance. By increasing the oxygen level, a natural cleanup process is stimulated that will keep lakes and ponds beautiful and healthy.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. carries several lines of pond fountains and aeration systems, and we will custom design one to fit your aesthetic, biological, and economic requirements. All our fountains and floating lake aerators feature high-quality submersible pumps and are designed to maintain a constant spray height even when water levels fluctuate. All feature durable construction of corrosion resistant materials and pumps chosen for their long term reliability. Many options are available, including spray heights from 2' to 100', evening lighting, control panels, properly sized power cables, excellent warranties, and installation by our Lake Doctor professionals.


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3-Tier Fountains

Three-Tier Fountains

These three-tier fountains are our most popular models. The elegant three-tier display actually serves two purposes: it is beautiful to look at and helps to improve the water quality. These fountains come with 150' of underwater power cable and GFI-protected controls. Lights and additional power cable are available, and our lake fountains are shipped to your site complete and ready to install.

Pod Jet / Ring Series Fountains

Pod Jet/Ring Series

The appeal of our pod jet/spray ring fountains is in their geometry: a large stream rising straight up, surrounded by a lower tier of smaller jets set at a vertical angle. The delicate floral-like pattern is very attractive and illuminates well. These fountains are equipped with our durable float assembly, submersible water pumps, 150' of underwater power cable, and our complete fountain control center.

Cascade Series Fountains

Cascade Series

Cascade fountains are popular due to their strong, bold statement. They are highly visible during the day and beautiful when illuminated in the evening. Cascade fountains provide excellent aeration of the water. Our cascades are equipped with a durable float assembly, submersible turbine pump, 150' of underwater power cable, and our complete fountain control center.

Custom Fountains

Custom Fountains

In addition to our standard lines of fountains, Lake Fountains & Aeration, Inc. can also manufacture fountains to meet our customer's specific needs. These are samples of some of the other types of fountains we have made for our customers. These fountains are constructed with the same high-quality floats, motors, pumps, and control centers as the rest of our fountains.

Morning Glory Series Fountains

Morning Glory Series

Morning Glory fountains have an adjustable cone-shaped pattern, and their designs are usually wider than they are tall. Our Morning Glory fountains include our durable float assembly, 150' of underwater power cable, and our complete fountain control center. Below are a few of our featured suppliers. click to view examples.

Featured Suppliers

Contact our staff to learn more about our pond fountains and aeration systems. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.